Saturday, May 14, 2011

World Naked Gardening Day

Naked Gardening Day. It’s today … Saturday, May 14. Started a half-dozen years ago by a Seattle nudist guy named Mark Storey, it’s become an annual tradition. With whom? Beats me.

All I know is that it’s linked to nudism (duh, really?) and people are encouraged to go out into their garden and do all those gardening things we’re supposed to do – you know, trimming, seeding, weeding, cutting, spading, planting, fertilizing, pruning, bonsai-ing, cultivating, mixing planting medium … those fun things that make your hands dirty and smell like manure.
There’s no mention of poison ivy, spiny grasshoppers and crickets that nibble on people, preying mantids that will crawl all over your body, worms that will squooze against your bare skin, not to mention honey bees. Yikes!
Want more information? There's a website:
It may be a good way to get your Vitamin D. But me? I think I’d rather just drink milk. Clothed. In the house.
I kid you not.


Cole Wilson said...

Hhaha, this is an amazing article! If i had a more private yard i would be up for some naked gardening. Cheers

casch said...

uuummm, no, not me, I don't think the neighbors would appreciate it either.