Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What's With the Hats?

(From left): Tara Palmer, Queen Margareth II of Denmark,
Princess Beatrice of York
We're all well aware that the Royal Wedding recently in England brought out the best (and worst) of fashion. I didn't watch the nuptials, but it was impossible to miss the hat coverage on TV for days afterwards.

All I have to say about the hats is ... what the heck were the designers (and the wearers) thinking? Some of the hats, in my royal opinion, are stupid-looking. They may be the hit of the fashion world, but to me they've gone 'way beyond the original purpose of hats -- to keep one's head warm and the sun and rain out of one's eyes.

Check out Princess Beatrice's thing sitting on top of her head. It's a wonder birds don't block to perch on it. She's no stranger to strange hats, however. Just look at the one she wore in 2008.

Flutter, flutter ... and that ain't my heart doing it either!

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