Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Oops! Reset!

Having struck out twice with his “end of the world” date prediction, evangelist Harold Camping is trying again. Let’s see, that’s twice he’s had to hang his head in shame and eat crow.

Good grief, he said today, back-tracking from his last prediction. The world wasn’t going to experience the Rapture on May 21, it was supposed to say FIVE MONTHS from May 21. That would be … *counting on my fingers* … October 21.
(Hey, at least I get to celebrate my birthday first.)
The May 21 date was actually a spiritual judgment day, according to the heavily mocked 89-year-old so-called preacher. And you know what? He insists that Jesus did arrive on Earth on May 21.
The sad thing is, the true believers already spent their money buying billboards and taking care of their earthly needs. Will they do it again? I wonder how many people actually went through their bucket list and did as much as they could before the world took a nose dive. Well, at least THOSE people accomplished something.
As Mr. T used to say, “Pity the fool.” I wonder how crow tastes.
Ask me if I care. G'wan, ask me!

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