Monday, May 23, 2011

Should-a Stayed in Bed

This was one of those mornings. I should have never gotten out of bed.

Let’s go back to last night. I felt like making pancakes for breakfast so I checked the Bisquick supply. Just enough for one recipe. Looked in the egg carton. Yep, two eggs, just what I would need.
I looked in the milk carton. It had a May 16 expiration date but it smelled and tasted okay. But just in case it soured overnight, the wife and I did quite an extensive search in the cupboard for some evaporated milk … just in case.
So last night, I started watching something on the Military History Channel that I’d seen before – a program about the Battle of Thermopyle – which means I stayed up late (2 a.m.). Consequently, I woke up late, which means I was groggy.
Everything went downhill from there. An egg had cracked and leaked into the egg container, so I had to clean out the container, rinse off the remaining eggs, and resituate them in a new container (good thing we keep a couple extra on hand). I had the eggs out, so I cracked two into a bowl and whipped ‘em up.
Now for the milk. The milk in the carton had soured overnight. Eww. But remember, I had a backup – the can of condensed milk. I opened it and … it looked like chocolate pudding in there. Guess it went ‘way past its expiration date, huh?
No pancakes. And I’d been thinking of it all last night and as soon as my brain awakened this morning. No pancakes.
I usually have just one egg and the equivalent of one egg substitute for breakfast – trying to watch cholesterol intake, y’know. But I had two already cracked and scrambled in a bowl, so that’s what I made for breakfast, feeling slightly guilty on top of a little depressed because … no pancakes.
Should-a stayed in bed … or gone out for breakfast. Although the way things went this morning, I’d probably get a flat tire on the way.

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