Thursday, May 12, 2011

Eazee Squeeze Cheese

Eazee Squeeze Cheddar Cheese Sauce
While waiting for a table to become available at Scrambl’z Restaurant in San Jose, the wife and I meandered over to a 99¢ Store to wander about and kill some time.

One of the items there that struck me was a display of Eazee Squeeze Cheddar Cheese Sauce in plastic bottles. I thought about buying one just to try it out, but then I got a call on my mobile phone telling me that our table was ready. So we left.
I don’t know about cheese in a bottle – runny cheese at that. According to, a ¼-cup serving of Eazee Squeeze has 200 calories, 20 grams of fat, 3 grams each of carbs and protein, and a whopping 970 milligrams of sodium.
A pie chart reveals the disparity: Eazee Squeeze contains 5.9% carbohydrates, 5.9% protein (the important stuff), and 88.2% fat (the tasty stuff).
In order to burn off one 200-calorie serving (¼ cup) of Eazee Squeeze Cheese, you would need to (your choice): Play competitive badminton for 25 minutes, lay sod for 35 minutes, seed your law for 71 minutes while walking, play hacky sack for 44 minutes, or (if you’re feeling lazy but intellectually starved), lean back and read for 176 minutes (that’s nearly three hours).
I think I’ll stick to the real stuff.

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