Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Yeti Thumbs Up

It’s not just “the best,” it’s “Yeti’s Best Legendary Fruits and Vegetables.”
During a recent trip to Whole Foods Market at Kahala Mall, I turned the corner and was confronted by a virtual “wall” of produce boxes proclaiming that the apples they supported were nothing less than “Yeti’s Best.”
It’s packed and shipped by Christensen Produce, Inc. I couldn’t find much about them on the Internet, but did come across a Christensen’s Produce Co-op page on Facebook. Perhaps it’s the same company? According to the information on their page, Christensen’s Produce Co-op does bi-weekly distribution of fresh fruits and vegetables.
Their Facebook pictures look good.
Also credited on the boxes is “Brown’s Finest Produce.” Couldn’t find anything about them either.
So, do I have a lot of information to share with you? No, not Yeti.

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