Saturday, January 29, 2011

Peacocks Beware!

I’m a little late with this, but a week ago, a woman charged with cruelty to animals was acquitted by a jury of her peers.
Her crime? She got fed up with the constant racket and bird droppings caused on her property by peacocks that were allowed to run free in the area. So … she whacked one on the head in her rage and frustration, prompting the State of Hawaii to file charges against her.
Last May, after bludgeoning the bird, Sandra Maloney (thinking the bird was dead), carried it into some bushes, intending to … cook and eat it later.
She’s been exonerated. And in the process, has gained the sympathy of those who can’t stand the excessive noise and poop pellets left by these large birds. Peafowl are considered feral animals and not wildlife, according to the Dept. of Land and Natural Resources.
You know what? I really don’t blame her. Peacocks are beautiful, but they sure can be obnoxious pests. I’m glad she was found not guilty.

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Rebecca said...

Aww ... I'm on Team Peacock. Poor bird!