Monday, January 24, 2011

Out for a Stroll

After a nice lunch at Kona Brewery in Hawaii Kai, who should we meet but two ducky couples out for an early afternoon stroll.

They wandered out of a boat slip at the Hawaii Kai marina, onto the walkway, between some tables and chairs at a corner restaurant, then past an array of parked mopeds, as we paused to let them cross in front of us.
“Good afternoon,” I said. “Quack, quack!” they replied, proceeding on their merry way.
Guess all was ducky with them!


Sandra said...

i LOVE our Hawaii Kai ducks!
one time i heard a baby ducky's non-stop quacking and saw him swimming like mad in the boat harbor. then he finally reached his family and sibling – yay! never thought i would be able to see a baby ducky so happy!

Rebecca said...

So cute!

Sylvia said...

How cute!! Reminds me of the ducks I used to see all the time, near the home I sold. They'd even swim on top of my pool cover, when they tired of the pond down the street!