Saturday, January 22, 2011

Odd Instrument

During my walk this week at Ala Moana Beach’s Magic Island, I came across these two men doing some measurements with a very odd-looking instrument.
It looked like a flying saucer attached to the top of a pole.
They were busy discussing some figures that were displaying on a small instrument taped to the side of the pole, so I didn’t want to interrupt and ask what the heck they were doing.
So … lemme speculate: I think they were either measuring ambient sound, or the salt content of the air near the ocean.
I could be wrong, and I probably am. Anybody else have a clue or a guess?


Rebecca said...

I think they were psychologists who decided to act in a puzzling manner and see how many people would take their picture. ;)

Craig Miyamoto said...

*Fawz down laffinz*

Sylvia said...

Good one, Becca!!!! :)

casch said...

I think they just wanted to see if anyone would ask.