Friday, January 28, 2011

Magic Island Lagoon

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Honolulu’s Magic Island has been around for 47 years (since 1964), and one of its best features is the sheltered lagoon at its very tip.
Thirty acres of reclaimed reef formed the basis of the man-made peninsula. Originally, a new resort complex was planned, a project that would have added two additional islands. However, the Magic Island peninsula was converted into a public park.
Those who are familiar with Magic Island probably don’t know that its official name is “Aina Moana,” which means “land from the sea.”
It’s one of my favorite walking sites, and I always spend some time wandering the inland circumference of the large swimming lagoon that wears its pristine white sand like a tiara.
The water in the lagoon is serenely peaceful; nonetheless, a lifeguard station helps ensure the lagoon users’ safety in the event something should happen.
It’s so peaceful there. I love to sit on the lagoon wall and gaze out at the ocean.


Rebecca said...

Beautiful! That picture makes me want to hop the next flight to Hawaii!

Craig Miyamoto said...

Thanks, Becca. I took it with my Sony DSX-TX7 digital camera, which has a panoramic feature.