Monday, January 31, 2011

Crush that Smoke!

Do you become irritated when second-hand smoke wafts your way? How ‘bout stinky cigar smoke? Does sweet pipe smoke merit an exception?
Are you a smoker who is courteous of others and only smokes where it’s permitted and/or tolerated? Or do you not give a hoot?
If you’re a smoker or a chewer, you might want to skip going to Bhutan on your next vacation. You see, this tiny nation in the Himalayas is the first country to go totally smoke-free. And they’re pretty strict about it too.
Case in point. A monk … a MONK! … became the first one arrested and charged for violating the new law. They caught him with 72 packs of chewing t’backy.
The sale of tobacco of any sort has been banned in Bhutan since 2005. But wouldn’t you know it, it’s being smuggled in from neighboring India. Result? The ban has been virtually snuffed out and it’s difficult to enforce.
But the police ARE making an effort. They’re allowed to enter homes and threaten shopkeepers who sell the nasty stuff. And, if you’re a smoker and can’t provide customs receipts for imported cigarettes, they you’re in a heap of big trouble, mister.
You know how long Mr. Monk can spend in jail because of his infraction? Five years. The good news is, not smoking or chewing t’backy for five years will certainly help him kick the habit
And you think OUR “no smoking” bans are tough!


Rebecca said...

I like a smoke free environment, but I like freedom more. Boo to Bhutan.

Sonny Davis said...

I recently found your site and I find it very interesting. Thanks for the post.

casch said...

I'm like Becca, I like a smoke free environment too, but I wouldn't want someone to come into my home checking for contraband!