Monday, March 25, 2013

Anniversary at Stake ... er, Steak

Me and My Bride
The wife and I enjoyed a very nice 47th wedding anniversary last night at one of the best steakhouses in Honolulu … in fact, almost anywhere in the U.S. – Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in Honolulu’s Restaurant Row.

I guess I tipped them off that it was our anniversary when I mentioned it in a post on their Facebook page. They were ready for us when we arrived, wishing us a Happy Anniversary at the front, as they guided us to our table decorated with red rose petals, as they served us, and as we left.
Rose Petals and Wine
Very nice, indeed.
The host told us that we would be served by Marco Polo. Wait … Marco Polo? He laughed when I said that. No, he said, Marc or Polly. Jeez, and I hadn’t even had a sip of the complimentary glass of sparkling wine yet.
I was going to order something like a rib eye steak, but the special last night was a 42-ounce prime porterhouse steak for two. The wife thought that sounded great, so that’s what we ordered. After all, it was HER night, after all. Good choice. It was like having a filet mignon and a New York steak, plus a T-bone to gnaw on. That bugger was huge, so soft and so delicious.
To top off the meal, they gave us a complimentary dessert – four mini chocolate cupcakes topped with decadent chocolate frosting and fresh raspberries.
Then, to cap off a wonderful evening, they presented us with a $20 gift card to use on our next visit.
I think we’ll go back. After all, we have to spend that $20 … right? (By the way, I'll write about the meal itself in the "A Place for My Taste" blog the day after tomorrow ... the link is in the column on the right).

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