Sunday, June 5, 2011

‘Tis the Season?

First Christmas Ad of the 2011 Season
Ooooo-KAY! If you say so, but it seems to me that June 5 is a smidgen too early to be running a Christmas advertisement, no?

This full-page ad for a Thomas Kincaid “Wonderland Express Christmas Tree” ran in our Sunday newspaper today in the USA Weekend supplement.
For a mere $169.99 (plus $19.99 shipping and service), payable in four easy installments of $42.50, this “Masterpiece Edition” features the Wonderland Express choo-choo train as it “slowly chug, chug, chugs its way ‘round and ‘round the peaceful little village nestled amongst the snow-kissed evergreen boughs.”
And Santa! Santa himself with his eight tiny reindeer orbits the Christmas star … but, but … where’s Rudolph?
“I’d better hurry! They might run out before my coupon gets there!” Craig exclaimed facetiously.
Holy moly. It’s still more than six months before Christmas! What's going on here?

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