Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Limited Commercial Interruption?

At the start of Sunday night’s two-hour season premiere of the new TNT alien invasion drama, “Falling Skies,” the announcer used the now-familiar statement: “Presented with limited commercial interruption.

What a lot of crock. Every six minutes or so, it seemed, there was a commercial interruption. Granted, there may have been fewer commercials, I’m really not sure, but as far as “commercial interruptions” go, there were plenty.
Guess I could have gone back to the beginning and counted the commercial interruptions since I recorded it on DVR, but it wasn’t worth the effort.
Don’t you just hate it when they try to put one over on you?
Now … having said all that, I think “Falling Skies” is going to be an interesting series. Under the guidance of Stephen Spielberg, the two-hour pilot was pretty good.
Earth has been invaded by six-legged aliens from another planet. The human resistance group calls them “Skitters” because of the way they walk. Their bipedal metal robots are called “Mechs” by the resistance – the 2nd Massachusetts.
Noah Wyle has the lead as Tom Mason, a former American history professor, alongside Will Patton as Capt. Weaver, leader of the 2nd Massachusetts. Two strong actors.
The stage has been set. Now let’s see what the rest of Falling Skies’ season has to offer.
I know, I know … lots more commercial interruptions.

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casch said...

We started to watch and were sidelined somehow. Noah Wylie's character was a little overplayed as the lecturing professor, I thought. Of course, as I said, I didn't watch much of it.