Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mysterious Ring of Rocks

Something quite curious jumped out at me the last time I went for a walk at Magic Island – a ring of rocks in the shallows of the protected swimming area at the end of the island.
It’s right there, plain as day, which leads me to wonder why I didn’t notice it before. Maybe it’s one of those things that are hidden in plain sight. You know, like that portrait of little squares that doesn’t make sense until you step ‘way back and can see that it's Abraham Lincoln’s head.
Things like this are fun to speculate over. It’s probably been arranged that way by a swimmer or a group of friends who decided to create a landmark … or seamark, as the case may be.
But what if a group of intelligent fish with articulated fins worked diligently through the night, giggling fish giggles as they put together a fish dance hall? Or what if some crabby crabs wanted a crab motel with adjoining crab accommodations on the sand?
Hmmmm … I wonder. Any ideas?

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