Thursday, June 2, 2011

Of All the Gall!

I dunno for sure, but this is may be one of the grossest minor league baseball promotions of all time.

It’s not just the onion-bobbing (no kissing allowed afterwards), or the dead fish slingshot catch (don’t forget to wear your glove and your rain jacket), or even the random people selected to star in an autograph session.
I think when the Altoona (Pennsylvania) Curve, the Eastern League’s AA affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates, gave the first 1,000 fans entering the gates a glossy 8x10 picture of their general manager Todd Parnells’ recently removed gall bladder, they kind of stepped over the line.
And then they went ‘way past the line when they gave one lucky (Lucky? Really?) fan the actual gall bladder.
I can just hear the conversation when he got home from the 2006 “Awful Night IV” promotion:
Fan: Hey honey! Look what I won at the ballgame today!
Wife: Wow! A green eggplant!
Fan: Ummm, no, not exactly.
Wife: Is it edible?
Fan: I … don’t … think … so!

I love minor league baseball promotions.

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casch said...

Too weird. I'm sorry they're from Pennsylvania!