Sunday, June 12, 2011

Aiea Orchid Show II

The Aiea Orchid Club’s 30th annual Exhibit closes at 3 p.m. today, so if you were thinking of checking it out, you’d better hurry. You may already be too late to attend the last lecture of the weekend (11 a.m. on “Honohono Orchid” culture).

I gave you most of the details yesterday so I’ll simply step aside and show you some of the orchids that were on display (just in case you can’t get to the show):
Cattleya: Toshie Aoki "Pot. Burana Beauty"

Cattleya: Triumphal Coronation "Seto"

Cattleya: Motte Spot "Paradise"

Cymbidium: Kusada Shining "Palapala"

Doritaenopsis: City Girl "Madonna"

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful show! Lived in the islands many yrs. ago; wish I still did so I could grow orchids more easily.I have a small cattleya Motte Spot "Paradise" and am looking forward to it blooming...Thanks for the pictures...Betty