Friday, June 17, 2011

I’m a Kindle Reader

Several months ago, I bought myself a treat – a Kindle reader. Since then, I’ve become a manic reader, devouring as many as three books every couple of weeks.

Contrast that with my pre-Kindle days, when the only time I’d read a book was when I was on a long flight to the mainland or on a return flight home. Even then, it’s difficult to read on the airplane (I inevitably become sleepy and doze off). I was lucky to finish two books a year.
There’s something about the Kindle that turns you into a compulsive reader. Since ordering my Kindle in early September 2010, I’ve read 51 books. That averages out to around nine books a month. Yep, about a book every three-and-a-half days.
Of course, it helps if one is retired. Being retired allows me at least a couple of hours reading time each day, but there are some days that I don’t read at all, and some days that the story I’m on just grabs me by the collar and won’t let me go for three, maybe four hours.
Is that healthy?
Doesn’t matter. I figure if I’m reading, my brain is active and it gets my creative juices going … just like my blogs. If you read and think and blog, you exist in a larger world than most other people.
The Kindle truly DOES provide fuel for the mental furnace.

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casch said...

I truly love my Kindle too! I have always read a lot, but you have certainly out read me! Way to go! I don't even want to read an "old fashioned regular" book any longer. I wonder why that is?