Friday, June 24, 2011

Repeat after Me: 'I Do'

I’ve run pictures of newlyweds (or newlyweds to be) before, but those were taken at Kakaako Waterfront Park during the wife’s and my morning walks. Invariably the happy couple is from Japan. 

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Recently, I came across another Japanese couple all decked out in their wedding gear, this time at Lanikai Beach in Kailua on the windward side of Oahu.
It’s a fairly popular spot, as I’ve heard numerous conversations about the beach from others who’ve watched shoots in the brilliant white sand. In fact, my younger son and his bride drove over to Lanikai to have their pre-wedding pictures taken.
In addition to the couple, the photo party included three more people –a female “photo director” who was ordering the two male photographers around.
I was at the beach for 20 minutes shooting Pinchy pix. The couple was posing when I got there, and they were still posing when I left. And, you just KNOW they were going to move to another location on the beach.
It was a pretty sunny day, around noontime, the sunlight and heat were reflecting off the sand, and the cooling breeze was deceptive. I hope the bridegroom didn’t forget his antiperspirant after taking his morning shower. And, I sure hope that young lady had plenty of high-SPF sun block on, or her shoulders were going to be burned to a crisp by the time they left.
Red shoulders do not an attractive bride make at a wedding, no?

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