Thursday, February 3, 2011

Can’t Stop! Can’t Stop!

Driving past the residence of the University of Hawaii’s president the other day, I came across this stop sign.  It’s a good example of semi-academic graffiti that can be found at and around any college campus, anywhere in the world.
Maybe (if you’ll notice the difference in writing style), the original graffito included the words, “Making Sense,” written under “Stop,” resulting in the phrase, “Stop Making Sense.”
Then, perhaps offended by that, someone added the word “Can’t” above the phrase, completely changing its meaning. “Can’t Stop Making Sense” … ah me, is that so bad? Nope, it’s better than “Stop Making Sense.”
Or … maybe the original graffiti person DID write “Can’t” first, to make the sign read “Can’t Stop.” And then, perhaps, someone added “Making Sense” under it.
And yet … there’s something less revolutionary and cynical about the sign now. I wonder what else will be written on it in the days ahead?


Sylvia K. said...

A 'thinking' mans' graffeti that makes you smile! Guess I can live with that.....

casch said...

Could be anything. . . you know how those college students are. :)