Monday, February 21, 2011

Aloha Koi Show III

There were a couple of other things going on at the Aloha Koi Show this past weekend, one of which on the surface didn’t seem to have a thing to do with the beautiful nishikigoi fish on display.

Kids were given the opportunity of learning how to fold paper into representations of koi – the Japanese art of origami. The technique they used at the koi show was very simple and not very difficult for little hands to create.

Also on display were some bonsai plants that actually are relevant to koi culture. Many koi enthusiasts work as hard on their ponds as they do raising their fish, and the bonsai lend an authentic air to pond landscaping.

You got a lot for your money at the koi show … because the price of admission was the regular price for the aquarium itself. The koi show was an extra added attraction.
Can’t wait for next year? Join the Aloha Koi Appreciation Society. They’re online.

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