Sunday, February 27, 2011

2011 Hawaii Collectors’ Expo

The wife and I took in the 21st annual Hawaii Collectors’ Expo yesterday at the Neal Blaisdell Center Galleria exhibition hall near downtown Honolulu. In past years, I’ve set up at the show, selling stamps and other philatelic collectibles.
So naturally we bumped into a lot of people we know there, including one of Hawaii’s most famous collectors … my friend Gerald Kwock.

 Gerald Kwock
You name it, he collects it – old aloha shirts, records, high school albums, marbles, Hawaiiana, stamps, coins, postcards, commercial laundry hangers, bottles, milk caps … why, I’ve even seen him displaying and selling an old fishing net with those green Japanese glass floats. It’s always good to catch up with Gerald.

And it’s fun to wander the aisles and see what’s being sold. It’s amazing, the variety of items. And what’s more amazing is that people buy the stuff.

We collectors are a breed apart, that’s for sure.

A few of the photos I took at the show:
One of the Many Aisles

Nicely Presented "Stuff"

Hawaiiana "Kitsch"

Antique Bottles

Commercial Laundry Hangers
The Collectors’ Expo continues today, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Be there, or be square.

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