Thursday, February 5, 2009

Las Vegas is Changing (Again)

I just got back from Super Bowl weekend in Las Vegas, my first re-visit since I was there in September 2008, and found a few changes you might find interesting.

First of all, there’s a new parking area at the famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign at the south end of the Strip. When I was there in September, they were still working on it. It’s done now and no longer will daring tourists have to park their cars illegally then dash across the busy boulevard to have their pictures taken at the sign.

Tommy Bahamas at the Primm Valley Fashion Mall has expanded its men’s area, taking over half of the former women’s area. Their shirts are still pretty tropical and outlandish.

And speaking of the Primm area, the casino and resort are now owned by Terrible’s. The casino still looks the same, however – no apparent changes there. But be prepared to register for the Terrible’s slot card. The old Primm Valley Resort card won’t work anymore.

The Antique Mall on East Flamingo Boulevard next to Blueberry Hill and Olive Garden restaurants closed abruptly. It was open when I was there in September. I talked to people at Antiques at the Market, and the Charleston Antique Mall, and they said it surprised everyone, especially the sellers who had been set up there.

The massive City Center on the Strip is still taking shape. I’m always fascinated by the Veer Towers, which lean in opposite directions (five degrees from center). Stare at them too long and you begin to lose your balance.

But some things haven’t changed. I’m happy to report that accordion player Gordy, the old guy, is still delighting diners at Batista’s Hole in the Wall Italian restaurant.

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Rebecca said...

Parking by the sign is such a good idea. I remember wanting a pic but not daring to dart across the traffic to get one.