Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Startling Monday Walk Discoveries

A couple of items of interest that occurred during our Monday walk at Waterfront Park merit discussion. Soon after we began our walk at the Diamond Head end of the park, we noticed this:

Taken in as a stand-alone sight, without the benefit of further information, it was quite startling and raised a few questions in my mind: What happened here? Was it vandalism? And if it were, why weren’t there any give-away marks on the chunks?

Well … about 20 feet away were more clues. In particular, the seawall ledge was cracking along its length:

My curiosity was assuaged by simple logic. Apparently the state had contracted with someone to remedy the danger posed by the cracks (someone walking on the ledge might be hurt if it gave way while the person was on it).

I hope they fix the problem soon. The broken ledges are ruining my beautiful park.

The other thing that caught my attention was this:

The tire ruts ruined a beautiful grassy knoll and left dark scars on the hillside. I don’t know if it was vandalism at its worst, or a careless state worker or contractor. Whatever and whoever the cause, they’d better fix it; the tracks are ruining my beautiful park.

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Montee said...

Craig, it is sad that people don't take pride in keeping things nice anymore. They rarely keep themselves nice, much less a park.