Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Winter Feather’s Touch

A winter feather fell from sky, meandering its course
Defined by breath and happenstance, with others from the source.
It caught the crystal brilliance with diamond glory flush
And paused to rest within a wisp, then lifted with a rush.

I held her there in soft embrace,
I looked into her eyes,
She smiled at me and gave me hope,
A symphony of sighs.

Soft down of Heaven so unique, a messenger, a dove,
A feather born of Earthly dew, created high above.
Then touched emotion, passion deep, and goodness from His hand,
It left its home and twinkled down, to destination land.

I felt the snowflakes on my face,
I saw them on her lashes,
I heard the rushing in my heart
In heated burning flashes

Like dandelion stars at night that fill and shiver air,
It fluttered down with such delight in dark, so unaware.
A multitude it found in crowded millions of its kind
And rode the crest of winter wave, a course it did unwind.

Around us flew a sea of snow
Romantic in its splendor
They spoke to us and lifted hope,
Encouraging surrender.

The feather joined the drifting deep that blanketed the world,
And nestled there among the bank, its crystal arms unfurled.
Its journey over, now complete, the winter feather lay
With dreams of lovers standing near, in perfect end of day.

Our lips, they felt the icy tingles
Then pressed in loving bliss,
We melted in each other’s arms
And shared the pure snow kiss.

(I wrote this poem in 2006 after seeing news coverage of a late-spring snowfall on television.)


Bevlove said...

I remember this lovely poem. You need to find a little inspiration somewhere to write some new ones. You truly have a gift for expression yourself.

Montee said...

Craig, you are so romantic.

casch said...

Very nice Craig! You have a gift.