Thursday, February 19, 2009

Curses! Foiled Again!

This seems to be the week for foiling thieves. Again today, I woke up to news from HLN’s Christi Paul about a robbery gone wrong.

Patrick Rosario of Bellevue WA, recently laid off from his bank job, was working in his basement when he heard noises upstairs. So he crept up the basement stairs, peeked under the door to his living room, and saw men stealing his flat-screen TV, DVD, and other items, including his wife’s jewelry box.

He managed to sneak out back door, and found the thieves’ white van there, motor running with the keys inside, obviously so they could make a quick get-away.

Mr. Rosario called 911, had a light bulb go on in his head and without hesitation, hopped into the car and drove it away around the corner.

When the thieves came back out, expecting to load the stuff in the van and leave, all they saw was … nothing. They ended up leaving Mr. Rosario’s things piled up at the front door and fled.

Mr. Rosario wasn’t charged for stealing the car. “In retrospect, it was probably one of the dumber – and smarter – things I’ve done,” he told reporters.

I kid you not! Don’tcha just love it?

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Montee said...

I saw this and I think the 911 operator told him that he needed to park that van because HE would be arrested for stealing it!