Thursday, January 29, 2009

And Another Thing …

Waterfront Park was invaded by a group of young Japanese tourists while we were there on Monday.

One of our routes starts us off at the east end of the waterfront walk, and after watching the surfers at Point Panic for a bit, we turned to begin the long walk.

Lo and behold, a passel of young women and a few young men, all wearing what looked like flight attendant uniforms was walking toward us. So we stopped and watched for a while – 10, 20, a whole busload was coming.

And then another bus unloaded and the young people in THAT bus joined the original group.

There must have been a hundred of them. I would have asked who they were, but I was too wrapped up watching.

Some of the young women in one small group flashed peace signs at us.


Rebecca said...

When I was in Tokyo I noticed that all the natives under 30 flashed peace signs when they were being photographed. I thought about trying it myself, but there are some things I just can't pull off. ;)

Montee said...

Maybe they are trying to spread World Peace or maybe they are a new breed of hippy.