Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Standing in Line

I forgot to mention in the other day's Wandering post that when I attended the NFR Cowboy Christmas Fair in Las Vegas, I stood in the above line for several minutes.

My first thought was that the Las Vegas Convention Center's exhibition hall was so full that they were only letting people in as others left. So, I dutifully and patiently stood in line.

Then, someone smarter than I am asked a security woman what the line was for. Eagerly, my ears perked up ... then drooped in embarrassment.

It seems the people were standing in line for an autograph of someone famous, either a rodeo cowboy/girl or a singer. I never did find out. By the time I went in through another door, did a quick run through a couple of aisles, and thought about checking out the autograph booth, the line had disappeared. I can only surmise that the celebrity had satisfied all the autograph seekers.

Ya get distracted, ya miss out, no?

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