Sunday, January 11, 2015

Jose Canseco Juice Box Night

Leave it to minor league baseball to come up with crazy promotions. One that cracked me up is the 2006 “Juice Box Night” poking fun at Jose Canseco.

He’s become the poster child for steroid use, and authored a bio titled “Juiced.”

Of course, the baseball team – The Fullerton Flyers of the six-team Golden Baseball League – had a grand purpose in mind. They wanted to educate their fans about the negative results of drug abuse, which includes steroids.

The first 500 fans through the gates were given a free box of fruit juice.

Why this cracked me up is beyond me. I think it’s because it reminded me of the game where the baseball boinked off of Canseco’s catch when he was running in the outfield to catch a ball hit in his direction.

I love minor league baseball promotions.

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