Saturday, January 31, 2015


Whilst I was having breakfast at Jamms Restaurant in Las Vegas, one of the people behind the counter began filling the Illy coffee station directly in front of me. Inadvertently (or perhaps on purpose), he treated me with one of my best diner experiences.

First he plopped a huge aluminum container of coffee beans in front of me. He turned the container upside down so the spout thingy was on top, then, using a special tool Illy provides just for the occasion, he pried off the top.

(I bet Illy recommends doing this as well.)

With a prolonged hiss, the vacuum-packed load of coffee beans inhaled the coffee shop air. Nature abhors a vacuum, so it replaced the atmosphere it had just taken with an ecstatic aroma that filled the air around the counter where I was sitting. People to the left and right of me stopped eating, stopped talking, put down their smart phones ... and just inhaled.

Wow, that sure smelled good. Next thing you know, all of us were hailing the waitress to refill our coffee cups.

Which reminds me ... I think I'll brew me up a mess of fresh coffee now.

The award-winning Jamms Restaurant is located at 1029 South Rainbow Blvd, in Las Vegas. They're open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily for breakfast and lunch. Be prepared to wait once you get there; it's popular.

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