Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My Bright Green Rental

For me, it's never a problem to be assigned a funky non-traditionally colored car whenever I patronize an auto rental company in my travels.

It gives me a chance to try out (test drive) a new make or model without going through the hassle of visiting a pushy dealership where you're at the mercy of the salesperson.

On my last trip to Las Vegas, I got a green Kia Neon rental from Advantage, located in the Main Street Hotel, Brewery and Casino, which has its lot across the street.

It is indeed funky-looking; the wife always makes fun of the model when we see it on the streets at home. Come to think of is, so do I.

But y'know, now that I've ridden it, I kind of like it. It's not real small, and it's not even medium-sized. It handles well, accelerates well, and is pretty roomy inside. Bonus: The green makes it easy to find. Check out the picture below. Can you spot it right away?

Yep, it was a good rental. Five days in Vegas and it only cost me $5 to fill the gas tank.

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