Friday, January 23, 2015

A Re-Relocation

I consider it my social and civic duty to report that the Las Vegas Jerkys, Etc. shop that had moved from the downtown Las Vegas Plaza Hotel to the Las Vegas Club on Fremont ... has moved back to its original location in the Plaza.

The wife always asks me to stop by and get some dried fruits, jerky, nuts and candies from there, since she knew the original owner, who used to stop by George's Delicatessen a lot when he lived in Honolulu. Don't ask me his name, I can never remember it.

Anyway, the shop had to move to the Las Vegas Club when the Plaza underwent its renovation and transformation a few years back. I had to find them in the darkness of the Vegas Club, which is right across the street from the Plaza. The last time I was there was in December 2013, and I bought a few boxes of goodies to give away as Christmas presents - so much that I had them mail it to my home.

Then, just when I got used to their being there, they moved back to the Plaza, in their same place, at the top of the escalators. My latest visit was this past December, and although I didn't buy as much, I did bring back quite a few favorites, including stinky dried cuttlefish and squid.

It's good to know they're still there.


casch said...

We really like things staying the same, don't we! I like the comfort of people and places remaining as I knew them. OK, I can adjust to a physical move but don't confuse me by undoing what I've just acclimated my mind and body to adjust to the change. Speaking for myself, I'm too old to accept too many changes. :)

Craig Miyamoto said...


I know 'zactly what you mean! My mind has gotten weak enough as it is. I just learned yesterday that my new barber is moving soon. Aaarggh.

~ Craig