Monday, December 31, 2012

Du-pars Restaurant

Du-pars Restaurant in the Golden Gate Hotel & Casino, downtown Las Vegas, is one of my "go-to" breakfast diners when I'm staying in the downtown area. Located at the west end of Fremont Street Experience, it's been around for a long, long time.

So why is it that I only discovered it last year? Maybe it's because that's when I stayed at the California Hotel and decided to make the rounds of restaurants located downtown, something I hadn't done in a long, long time (most of my dining experiences came either on the Las Vegas Strip or in remote residential/commercial areas).

As you can see by this counter setup, Du-pars is "Always Open." Twenty-four/seven. The menu is quite extensive, full of comfort food that should match your appetite whenever you're hungry. And I mean WHENEVER. Most of the time, I go there for breakfast and never walk away dissatisfied or hungry. Hotcakes, waffles, eggs, breakfast meats ... they got 'em if you want 'em.

For lunch and dinner, again if you hanker for some homestyle meals, well there you go. I've tried a number of dishes, but probably my favorite is their meat loaf. Lots of slices on a mound of mashed potatoes, slathered with dark brown gravy.

The waitstaff is very personable and they love to chat, especially when you sit at the counter, which is where I head whenever I'm alone. There's almost always a seat available there. Just walk to the head of the line past the amazed faces and find a seat. Others will soon follow.

And, why is it that someone needs to set an example before people start filling up the counter seats?

Anyway ... Du-pars ... go there the next time you're in downtown Las Vegas around mealtime.


Dupars said...

Thanks, Left Field Wanderer :)

Craig Miyamoto said...

You're welcome!

~ Craig

Anonymous said...

Thank you for recommending Dupars Restaurant. This will definitely be our "go to place" for next time.

Craig Miyamoto said...

Come back and let us know how you liked it!

~ Craig