Thursday, December 13, 2012

Willie Nelson! Not Really …

Roy "Willie" Hammock, dba Willie Nelson
I was wandering around the downtown Las Vegas Fremont Experience Tuesday night, and paused as I came to a raucous stage performance of some rocking cowboy country music. See, the National Finals Rodeo is in town and lots of cowboy hats were wandering around with me.

So anyway, the guy on stage finished and the emcee announced … “And now, ladies and gentlemen … Willie Nelson!”

Whoa! I stopped as Willie Nelson ran on stage and launched into “Whiskey River.” He then sang three of his signature songs: “On the Road Again,” “You Were Always on My Mind,” and “Don’t Let Your Children Grow Up to Be Cowboys.” People were a-whoopin’ and a-dancin’ and even I couldn’t keep my hips from wigglin’.

When he finished his set, the crowd went wild! And then the announcer cried out as Willie walked off the stage, “Willie Hammock, ladies and gentlemen, as Willie Nelson!”

You could hear the crowd … “Huh?” “What?” “Oh well.” Then they cheered again. The guy was good. Not Willie Nelson, but pretty good.

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