Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Helluva Long Walk

The last time I went to Las Vegas with the Vacations Hawaii package, we arrived at Terminal 2, with a short walk to the awaiting buses. This was in May of this year.

Since then, the Vacations Hawaii charter plane (Omni Airlines International) has been reassigned to arrive at the B gates in Terminal 1. The result? Tour package customers now have one helluva long walk from gate to the buses.

By my calculation, it’s about ¾ mile, as opposed to 200 yards. And believe me, it’s no fun to beat your feet for that long. Everybody arrived at the buses huffing and puffing. The fact that the average age of Vacations Hawaii customers must run from the high-60s to mid-70s doesn’t help a bit.

I sat next to a real elderly guy on the bus who had to sit separate from his wife because there were no seats left ‘way up front reserved for handicapped customers. His complaint was that on the plane, they announce that wheelchair passengers should please wait and leave the plane last. The problem of course it, that by the time they get to the buses, all the up-front seats are taken.

I felt for the guy, but what could I do? I was somewhere in the middle of the bus and he wanted his wife up there in front. So we were delayed getting to the hotel. Worse yet, our bus was further delayed by airport police, who were issuing our driver a ticket for some bus maintenance infraction. I never did find out what for.

Y’know, they couldn’t even get their handicapped seat sign right? It read: “Seat Resevered for the Handicapped.” Resevered, huh? As if the long walk weren’t severe enough.

I seriously have to rethink flying with them again.

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