Monday, November 19, 2012

A Nice Hotel Room Amenity

I was digging through some photos I'd put aside of my various trips to Las Vegas, and I found this one.

The Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino had some nice amenities in the room, in addition to the usual high-end bathroom soaps and lotions. I remember taking this picture, then going to the in-room survey and giving them high marks.

We've all been in hotel/motel rooms where coffee makers sit on a counter or on the desk, with single-cup sized bags of coffee (regular and decaf), but I've never seen a hotel with a Kuerig coffee maker there for the hotel guest. Every day, the housekeeping staff would leave two little Kuerig K-Cups for me.

Since I usually go out for breakfast and drink coffee in the restaurants, I gathered up the little cups to give to my son, who owns a Keurig brewer.

The other thing that they gave me was two bottles of water every day. Nice. Especially during the hot Las Vegas summer. Many's the time when I've paid $5 for a bottle of water in the room because I was dying of thirst and there was no place to get water without going downstairs and walking a mile to the liquor/soda/snack shop.

And everybody knows tap water in Las Vegas will give you the runs.

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