Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Moving Commercial

Everytime I see the Pepsi commercial where University of Nevada, Reno, student Ivon Padilla-Rodriguez is awarded $100,000 by Dr. Pepper for her tuition, it just chokes me up.

You can just see how emotional she got when she won the first-place prize for throwing a football most accurately in a 30-second period at the 2011 Southeast Conference (SEC) championship game between Georgia and Louisiana State University.

What a wonderful accomplishment ... oh, not for being able to toss the football, but for ensuring she will be able to ease her family's financial burden and handle college tuition on her own.

I'm with you, Ivon. Congratulations.

And plaudits to the Dr. Pepper Million-Dollar Tuition Giveaway, which is again underway. If you or anyone you know wants to enter, the deadline for this year's competition (you have to submit a video telling why you deserve to win) is Thursday, Nov. 15.

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