Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Wormy Lunch

The other day, the wife was pulling clumps of weeds that were growing around the stone wall next to our driveway turn-around. Of course, I paid no attention to what she was doing, because I was engrossed in reading a new book on my Kindle.
However, when I heard her saying, “Shoo! Shoo! Go away!” well that grabbed my attention.
What she was doing was chasing away several brown anole lizards that were zeroing in on her position. It seems that in the clumps of dirt that came away with the weeds were lots of little worms that were now squirming on the gravel ground. And the sharp eyes of the anoles caught the movement.
The wife didn’t want them to eat the worms, obviously displaying her prejudices against those awful, scaly lizards and siding with the helpless worms.
She wasn’t too appreciative when I told her that lizards don’t understand English and that I can get her a lizard dictionary if she wanted to communicate with them. So she kept on shooing them away.
That’s when I grabbed my camera and asked her to step aside so I could take pictures of nature at work. I mean, how often does one get an opportunity to shoot lizards munching worms in one’s driveway?
The anoles were happy, I was happy, and even the wife had to admit it was kind of cool … even if she changed her expression from “Shoo!” to “Eww!”

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