Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kiddy Combo Calories

It’s been calculated that kids should consume only about 1,300 calories a day if you want them to maintain good nutritional health. Divide that by three meals a day, and you arrive at about 430 calories per meal.

Now … I know the fast food “restaurants” entice us with kiddy combination meals – all-in-one packages that taste good and make for happy children. But did you know that just one happy mean can deliver almost as many calories in one meal as kids should consume all day?
Here’s a guide as to how the popular fast-food kiddy meals stack up (ranked by the percentage of kids’ menu meals that exceed the 430-calorie limit):
  1. Taco Bell – 100%
  2. KFC – 100%
  3. McDonald’s – 93%
  4. Wendy’s – 93%
  5. Burger King – 92%
  6. Subway – 33%
Choose wisely and eschew kiddy meals, unless it’s to be the only meal of the kid’s day.

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