Sunday, April 17, 2011

How to Waste Time

I forget what magazine I was reading, but one day while waiting in a doctor’s waiting room, I saw an article on how to waste time on the Internet.

Being the consummate time-waster, I took some notes, but for some reason failed to remember what publication I had in my hands.
Anyway, instead of wasting time trying to remember, here are six ways to waste time on the Internet:
  1. Make drip art at
  2. Watch homemade foreign videos you don’t understand at
  3. Check out how people misuse quotation marks at
  4. Follow your money on its travels at (I have one in the stream if you’ll recall).
  5. Watch Presidents morph from George Washington to Barack Obama at Search for “presidents morph.”
  6. Watch balls drop and ping, altering their course with barriers you draw at
Don’t tell ME I’m not full of informative suggestions!

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