Friday, April 15, 2011

Las Vegas Aviation Museum

In my travels, I’ve been fortunate to view some outstanding museum-quality displays in airports. The one that comes immediately to mind is San Francisco International (SFO) with its always-changing offerings of things historic.
At McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas recently, I viewed the Howard W. Cannon Aviation Museum on the check-in concourse level, with some pretty neat artifacts and historical information to keep you busy while waiting for an arriving passenger or just to kill some time before heading out to your gate.
Of particular interest is a bright red 1956 Thunderbird that’s on display:

It’s actually a crash wagon that was used from 1957 to 1968 at McCarran. The Alamo Airways vehicle was owned by George Crockett, who had founded Alamo Airport in 1941; Alamo’s name was changed to McCarran in 1948 to honor U.S. Sen. Pat McCarran.
Well okay … it’s not the original car. This is a restored 1956 Thunderbird and is an exact reproduction of the original car.
Still, it’s a beauty, isn’t it?

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