Saturday, April 16, 2011

I Love a Rainy Day

Rainy days make me feel clean. Growing up in Hilo, we got used to the rain, which would sometimes continue nonstop for up to a week. Humid? We never felt it; we were used to it.
Los Angeles was a different story. There, rain was a welcome luxury that happened only infrequently. I’ve always likened Los Angeles after a big rain like a toilet that’s been flushed. Everything dusty and dirty has been washed away and it’s all nothing but clean once again.

Having missed frequent rainfalls while living in Los Angeles, I truly appreciate rain now that we live in Honolulu. To me, there’s nothing like sitting under shelter and watching the rain fall, dripping off of trees and plants, the drain water bubbling along the ground, sweeping away whatever lay in the driveway. It’s pretty righteous to me.
Watching rainfall is like watching fish in an aquarium; it’s mesmerizing and difficult to pry one’s eyes away from the spectacle.

Even the doves know better than to venture out. They just perch on the lower framework of our lawn chairs, fluff up their feathers, cozy up to each other, and ride out the rain.

I love a rainy day.

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