Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fawning Fledgling

Kid Dove and Mama
Among the dozen or so zebra doves that join me for a mid-day snack during my reading time is a young fledgling.
It obviously had left the nest recently because it was always fawning around one of the older birds, which I presume is its mother. In addition to kowtowing, it signals with a “weeee weeee” peep that I take to mean something like, “I’m hungry! Feed me! Feed me!”
The mother and child usually come walking up the driveway, the baby’s left wing thrown over the back of its mommy as it tries to keep up with her.
At first she used to feed him (you know, the “open the mouth and let the kid suck up my vomit” routine), but lately she just ignores the baby and walks away, leaving the baby to peck away at the ground for itself. However, being the runt of the bunch, it gets bullied by the others and even pecked at by the spotted doves.
Growing up is tough out there.

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