Monday, April 11, 2016


When my son and I went to the Inaugural Silicon Valley Comic Con in San Jose, we were able to bypass huge lines and gain immediate access to the panels.

Plus, we got to rest our tootsies in the VIP Lounge, munch on cookies and fresh fruit, and quaff down some ice-cold spring water.

That's the advantage of spending $250 more apiece at a convention that was taking the area by storm.

We received in advance a classy VIP lanyard pass and electronic wristband that checked us in and out of the VIP lounge, and the huge exhibit hall in front of everyone else, all of whom looked at us in green-eyed envy.

Additionally, we received a special tote bag that I could use to tote the program booklet and my autographed picture of Adam Savage, star of Discovery Channel's Mythbusters program. I'll talk about his exclusive autograph session with us VIPs next time.

Laid out with some very comfortable easy chairs and couches, the lounge gave me a chance to take a load off my feet and relax my aching, aging legs.

It pays to be a VIP!

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