Thursday, April 7, 2016

Inaugural Silicon Valley Comic Con

Consider me a novice comic con veteran. I joined the Hawaii Comic Con Kickstarter Campaign with hopes of attending the convention on the Big Island in 2014, but family health issues compelled me to cancel. Last April 2015, I attended the Big Wow! ComicFest in San Jose with my #2 son and grandson.

This year, my #2 son and I attended the Inaugural Silicon Valley Comic Con (SVCC) put on by its brainchild, Apple cofounder Steve “the Woz” Wozniak, and his friend, Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee.

We started out a little late and by the time we got there, there was no parking anywhere in the vicinity. As a result, my son had to park more than a mile; thank goodness he dropped me off at the San Jose Convention Center.

Good thing he’d bought Gold VIP passes, because there was a mob waiting to register and get in. An orderly and well-behaved mob, I must add, but only some of the 60,000+ eventual attendees. The VIP pass. Still that didn’t include parking. He eventually found parking far, far away in another galaxy, and by the time he walked to SVCC and caught up with me, I’d already walked through the exhibition hall and was resting my tootsies in the refreshment area.

It was then that I found out there was a VIP lounge with a separate entrance to the hall for VIPs. Now he tells me! I’ll talk more about the VIP pass another time soon.

Well, SVCC certainly was worth the wear and tear on my feet. If I’d have fainted amongst the crowd inside, I would never touch the floor. The surrounding fans would support me just by walking along next to my side, it was that crowded.

There were toy booths, comic artist booths, comic sales booths, accessories and trinckets, models, stars, panel talks, science talks, museum artifacts and cosplayers in costume walking all around the place. I’ll post some pictures of them another time soon.

But enough talk. Let me share just a few of the photos I took at SVCC:

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