Wednesday, April 13, 2016

SVCC Mythbusters' Adam Savage

One of the best features of the VIP Lounge at the Inaugural 2016 Silicon Valley Comic Con was the choice of one free autograph session with either convention host Greg Wozniak or Adam Savage, star of Discovery TV's "Mythbusters" series.

My son, who treated me to the convention and my VIP pass, selected the Adam Savage option, which would have been my choice had I been given the option.

It was a popular choice too. When we got to the lounge, the autograph line had already formed and was heading out the door. We stood at the end of the line. "Hoo boy," I thought, "he's going to be cranky by the time we get to him."

Nope. Adam Savage was the nicest guy in the room, with his good humor and engaging personality. From what I saw, he changed nothing from the time he started until the time we got there, spending as much time with each VIP as they wanted, even coming around the table to post for pictures.

And of course, everyone had a camera or a phone.

One of the assistants did the honors, taking pictures with the autograph seekers' cameras and phones.

When I got there, he shook my hand, and I asked if he had anything else in the works, since "Mythbusters" had already aired its final episode.

Savage said he had some ideas and was hopeful one or more would come to fruition. He asked where I was from and we chatted a bit longer.

A bit later, my son and I attended his Q&A session downstairs in one of the presentation rooms. As my son had arrived late due to lack of parking and a long walk to the convention, and had to make his rounds of the exhibition hall, I went downstairs to stand in line. A long line. A very long line.

I called him to tell him to get his butt down here quickly, and he said he was already inside in the second row, saving me a seat. See, I didn't know that VIPs could just go to the head of the line and get admitted right away. Naive me.

So to make a long story short, Adam Savage answered just about every question in the book about his work, his hobbies and himself, again displaying his great personality and wit. It was great; I didn't want it to end, but it did.

I've always been a fan of his, now I'm a BIG fan.

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