Monday, April 25, 2016

Point Pinos Lighthouse

On the Wednesday before our wedding anniversary, we did a drive around in Pacific Grove (where the Monarch butterflies assemble in the winter) to avoid the traffic jam to and from Carmel Valley Ranch, where we were staying.

One of the things I always wanted to do was visit Point Pinos Lighthouse, where I could wander the grounds, take pictures of the historic lighthouse, and visit the little museum it houses.

The lighthouse has been in operation since 1855, and sits at Asilomar Boulevard, near the northwest terminus of Lighthouse Avenue in Pacific Grove.

As usual, I forgot to do some research on Google. Guess what. Remember when the Pacific Coast Air Museum in Santa Rosa was closed during our visit there last year? Remember when the Sonoma County Museum in Santa Rosa was closed as well?

Well, I did it again. Point Pinos Lighthouse is closed to the public on Tuesday and Wednesday.

All I could do was take a picture between the links of the fence barring our entry and commiserate with the elderly couple that also was stymied by the closure.


Now I have to wait until the next time we take an overnight trip to the Monterey Peninsula area and expose ourselves to the constant traffic jams in the area.

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