Saturday, April 9, 2016

Silicon Valley Comic Con Cosplayers

Let me start by saying that until I attended my first comic convention last year (The Big Wow! ComicFest in San Jose), I had no idea what cosplayers were.

Sure, I’d seen them – fans dressed up like their favorite comic, movie and fantasy characters – but “cosplayers”? What were those?

I had to google it; I found out exactly what they are. But I began calling them “co-splayers,” which was kind of confusing, because what did splaying have to do with anything, anyway? Did it reference dis-splayers? What?

It wasn’t until I watched this year’s first “Talking Dead” episode on AMC where they invited fans to send in their best cosplayer photos of them dressed as “Walking Dead” characters. The host pronounced it “cos-players.” Ohhhh! Costumed players! I got it at last.

At the Silicon Valley Comic Con, you couldn’t turn you head and look in any direction without seeing a cosplayer. Some were very amateurish, but indeed enthusiastic; quite a few were professionally done and admirable indeed. I was constantly amazed at the dedication they put into their costuming.

Many of the professionally done cosplayers had accompanying companions to help them around. If you wanted to take a picture, all of them were more than eager to pose for you … or with you, for that matter. No need to use a selfie stick or stretch your arm out. Comic con attendees quickly stepped up and volunteered to snap a picture of you and the cosplayer.

Here are some of the cosplayers in action (mind you, I have no idea who some of these characters are):


Sue Stewart said...

Very cool! I don't know most of them either but a lot of work went into these costumes. If you were going to be a cosplayer... who would you be?

Craig Miyamoto said...

Not really sure. But I have been Bozo the Clown in the past. LOL.