Sunday, January 5, 2014

The New Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino

I visited the new Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino, situated where the old Lady Luck used to be, during my last vacation in Las Vegas. I'd stayed at the Fremont on a package deal and spent my time in downtown Las Vegas wandering around and having my meals at the nearby casinos and restaurants.

After having my first night's dinner at Triple George on Third Street, I walked across the street to the new Downtown Grand. The place is pretty new, having opened just recently. I wandered around there the first night, and signed up for their slot card.

The slot club attendant told me that since this was my first card there, I'd find some free play on specially marked machines. So I found one of those machines, slid my card into the reader, slipped a $20 bill into the machine, followed the directions on a card I was given, and tried to find the free credits.

Nada. But, I did earn a bunch of credits to be used at a slot tournament there. Nothing to get excited about. I came out a little ahead, but never smelled any of the free credits the attendant mentioned.

I did go back the next day for breakfast at Stewart + Ogden upstairs. I'll tell you about that experience in the Place for My Taste blog.

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