Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Old(er) Bicycle Club

While having a quick breakfast at the Prolific Oven in Fremont before our two-hour-plus drive to Sonoma Valley, A bunch of older bicyclists came in, obviously taking a break from their morning ride.

I've often seen a lot of bicycle clubbers riding together, but none quite like this group. For one thing, they were older than the usual people I see (I'd guess in the mid- to late-60s). They also had great bikes and great biking clothes and gear.

They didn't order eggs Benedict, as the wife and I were having, but they did load up on carb-rich pastries. They also took advantage of the restroom before filling up their coffee cups. Guess they had to make some room in their bodies for the new intake of food/drink.

More power to them!

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